Seven islands conquered

The journey of final practicum is now 25% complete. It feels like we have been here forever yet it has only been a short few weeks and the time seems to fly!! We spend the weeks doing clinical (what is called duty here) and the weekends going to island resorts and touring! The duty and exposure we had doing community nursing was very exhausting but an amazing time!! The Filipino students we were with for the two weeks were spectacular and it was great to be able to becoming closer to all of them. Sadly now we are leaving them all for three weeks to be in Manila! But we do get to go back in three weeks so there is a silver lining!!
We were able to be in the lovely community of Janiauy and also hike up some of the mountain side to get to the Brg. of Matag-ub where the Ati community live. Spectacular people living in one of the most beautiful of places. Being there and spending some time in these areas made us all really appreciate everything we have back at home. Things like a toilet that flushes, safe drinking water, knowledge about health related things such as the importance of hand washing or brushing of teeth, and having a fridge…as well as other things too.
Even without having these things we kind of take for granted they have an amazing sense of family and community! They were able to find joy in what they had and in the fact that they were together. I think this is a lesson for myself as well as many other people as in our society we are always wanting bigger and better things than we have…we just need to take a step back and appreciate what we do have!
We were all very sad when we left on this last thursday but very happy at the amazing time an experiences we had while there. A bittersweet moment you could say!

So now ill just talk to you a bit about the fun we had as you can always check out our blog for the practicum to learn more about the school part of it at

So the first weekend we had in Iloilo was an amazing one!! Friday night we spent in Iloilo city! Three of us (the ones who were feeling healthy enough) went out to grab a Starbucks and check out the carnival! It was a very fun evening with a few of the students! We played a couple carnival games which are mucho mucho cheap here!! And we won some awesome candy!!

That weekend we went to Guimaras!  This amazing island about half an hour boat ride off Iloilo.  We left early on Saturday morning and boated to the island and then drove for awhile through the island to get to our private resort called Cabaling Resort.  It was so quiet as there were only 6 rooms at the resort and we took up two of them!  So it was SO beautiful!!  We spent the first bit there walking on the beach and out onto the dock and then by the rocks along the water and kind of near a cave!  It was so amazing to see and explore around there!!  So after we had lunch – which was the most amazing seafood meal EVER – we went island hopping around Guimaras.  We went to Natago Beach which was pretty deserted and we were able to swim in the water which was salt water and so nice to be in!! And I am pretty sure part of my honeymoon will take part on that beach as there is a nice little cottage house thing there too! 🙂 Yup just some premature planning!! So we also got to see a turtle (a Hatchback turtle I believe it is called) which is endangered.  It was a beautiful turtle and very nice to see it as I love turtle but it was sad as the turtle was all alone and just seemed stressed out not being able to go into the water and be a free turtle!  It was kind of sad.  And we were told it was for breeding – but well not sure how they breed this species if there is only one turtle! Silly!  But it was pretty much amazing! Then once we got back to the resort we relaxed and had supper and that evening spent time karaoking and just having fun with the students from Iloilo who came with us!  The next day was super spectacular day as well but we sadly only had until after lunch in Guimaras! We went to a place of monks and bought dried mango and mango jam and then had lunch at the Mayor of Jordans house and then went and saw their ancestral home! Then back to Iloilo city our ‘home’!!
Anyways the weekend was amazing and a nice break away from school even though it is super enjoyable as well!  Okay so I have said so much so I will end here and then the next one I will talk about Cebu and Bohol – which was this past weekend!


I’ll add pictures here tomorrow night as we only can use the internet room until 9pm at night here at the St. Michaels Retreat Center in Antipolo (a few hours north of Manila).


One thought on “Seven islands conquered

  1. I was so touched with what you have said about Filipinos, being one myself. so true…with the little some of our fellowmen have, we sometimes wonder how they can still smile, but they do. thanks for the community work you have done here and for appreciating the people you have met. You’re a lovely person with a kind heart! Come back soon!!!=D

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