There is a bunch of photos from the first days in Manila and then the first two weeks we spent at St. Paul University Iloilo City.  We did our community clinical (the first two weeks) in a town called Janiuay (pronounced Honey-why).  We spent Monday, Tuesday mornings in the Rural Health Clinic and then on Wednesday mornings we would pack up as we slept in the Staff House there for Wednesday to Friday.  On Wednesday mornings we spent it at the Rural Health Unit and then in the afternoon went and walked the rice paddies to get to the Matag-Ub community which is the Philippine indigenous people Atahs (Ati).  Then on Thursday morning and afternoon as well as Friday morning we would also walk up into the Ati Community.  Anyways I talked a bit about that I think in my last blog post so check it out!  And this is solely for pictures pretty much 🙂

Poolside at the Tropicana – Second day in Manila, Philippines

Cold Water Bucket Showers at St.Paul University Iloilo City

Loving the pool at St. Paul University 🙂

The Staff House we lived in for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday while we were in Janiuay – This type of house is called a Nipa Hut  – It was made of bamboo and the roof underneath the green tin there is nipa which is a type of grass I believe.

Sharaya and myself having a snack at the Janiuay Rural Health Unit where we spent our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings.

The one way you can walk to the Ati Community – very beautiful!  We took this way the first day so we could see their water source however for the rest of the days we took the shorter route! 

Riding in the front of a tricycle!  A very exciting experience and frightening at the same time!!  

Sharaya, Lyle, Myself and Domingo in the Ati Community – So beautiful!

Sharaya and myself crossing the river to get to Matag-Ub (Ati Community)

The rice paddies – the rice is being harvested up in Matag-Ub

The tricycle – often they are packed to the max with people; even hanging out the side of it.

I may look a tad haggard (even if you can’t really see me) but this is the baby that Elaine delivered and I did baby care on – It was so very excited to be a part of a delivery! 

And last but definitely not least all of us girls (Lerissa, Elaine, myself, Sharaya and Leah) with some of the children from the Ati community!  They were so cute and very fun to spend time with! 🙂

Anyways that is all for pictures now from the first two weeks of the trip!  It was so hard to decide what to post as I have hundreds of photos already!  But I didn’t want to bore you with them all so hopefully you loved them!  And feel free to ask any questions you have about what I am doing here as I would love to answer them all 🙂



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