Bee Farm Photos :)

The Bohol Bee Farm is a spectacular place to stay when in Bohol specifically if you want to stay on Pangloa Island.  We were not very sure about staying there as it was a little more money than we bargained for however with five us in two rooms the first night and then one the second night it turned out to be VERY affordable! Okay so it was amazing!!  We spent most of the time on our tour and being busy trying to see as much as we could but with the little down time we had we relaxed by a few of the many pools, shopped in the gift shop, ate ice cream, went down to the water and saw a ton of starfish and Sharaya and I even went on the Farm Tour!  They also had an amazing spa service 🙂  We all went for a massage one the last night there and it was amazing!  So relaxing with real ocean sounds in the background (not that fake stuff you get in the spas in Saskatchewan when it is -40 outside!)

The Bohol Bee Farm Tour was very exciting!  They started off by putting an awesome grass hat on you!  Sharaya and I were the only ones on the 8am tour so it was very nice and personal. We were able to see all the herbs growing that they use in their store and in their restaurant and even taste a couple of them!  We loved the peppermint it was like eating a gum leaf!  The spicy ginger on the other hand we may have tossed it over our shoulders when the guide was not watching as neither of us really like ginger!! We were even able to see the edible flowers that were put in the organic garden salad we had on the last night!  A short walk away and we got to see some of the Bohol Bees (I believe they are called European Bees?)!!  They only had one box of bees as they found the bees being out there and people always seeing them and checking them out put stress on the bees so they keep the rest of them in a different area of the farm.  Now in each bee box is about 40 000 bees with one queen bee.  This queen bee lives and rules for about 3-5 years while her worker bees live around 40-45 days.  Short life-span I would say!!  Now besides the busy worker bees there are the droin bees which are the male bees.  They mate with the queen and after mating they die (opposite of the butterfly where the female butterfly dies after).  Only 5% of the ‘bee box’ is droin bees.  So the queen lays eggs (1500 to 2000 per day!!) and she is twice as big as the worker bees! There was a lot we learned about bees that we didn’t know before so it was very interesting and we were able to hold the honeycomb thing!!  Very exciting!!  Also on the tour we saw where they make much of their souvenirs and were able to try out the weaving machine which was really interesting.  The machine was huge and so interesting.  The lady using it was so very fast in comparison to use clumsily trying to get it right!  The tour ended off there and we were both very happy that we decided to go on it as we did it on our last morning there!!  A great experience to be able to see more of where we were staying and what they all do on the farm!

Okay so if anyone is planning on traveling to Bohol I highly suggest Bohol Bee Farm.  But I would try to get the new building as the old ones sometimes smelled a little well old but were still nice.  The new ones however were very very large and five of us fit in their comfortably – we probably could have fit two more of us even!  The one and only downfall to the new one was the fact that I found a cockroach in the room.  Now that was not very pleasant one bit!! The one other girl who was in the room with me at the time trapped it in a cup as I was obviously to scared to get any nearer to it than I had too!!  So we captured it ran it out near the pool and threw it off the balcony and then ran back to the ‘safety’ of our room.  Before anything else was done I checked in our bed for cockroaches and found none – therefore we were okay to sleep!! I didn’t think I would be able sleep well that night but surprisingly I fell asleep very easily and had a lovely sleep!

Okay enough of all that jabbering on!! I will now add photographs of the amazing Bohol Bee Farm which I came to live in 2 nights 🙂

Myself and the Bohol Bee Farm Sign 

Our view from where we are served breakfast as well as where we ate our suppers. 

Star fish from down in the water!  There were so many and they were so pretty!! I love them all! 

The amazing organic salad at the restaurant – real edible flowers in it! To Die For! 

The walk way down to the restaurant and water 🙂

Myself with the wonderful bees while wearing the ever so fabulous grass woven hat!

Sharaya just weaving up another hat! 

Okay well there you have the Bohol Bee Farm in a nut shell or lets say in a honey jar (as that is more fitting)!

Magandang Gabi!


2 thoughts on “Bee Farm Photos :)

  1. When we were in Bohol two years ago, we didn’t have a chance to see the Bee Farm. Our day trip was cut short by thunderstorms during the day.

    If you have a chance, you and your friends should go dolphin watching and scuba diving on the nearby islands. The coral reefs are especially beautiful to see.

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