Cebu and Bohol Continued

Bohol Trip Continued . . .

So here is the continuation of the Bohol Tour!  Next on our tour we went for a Loboc River cruise where they served us a beautiful lunch (there was a TON of food) and had a man playing guitar and singing to us the whole time!  It was so beautiful!  We even stopped at a little spot where there was traditional Filipino music and dancing going on.  It was so amazing!!  A very nice and relaxing way to have lunch!  And a good way to see a little bit of the Loboc River!

At the point in the river where we turned around to go back to the dock

Myself attempting some guitar – Not the greatest photo but twas fun!

Sharaya just rocking at the guitar – A born natural! 

After the lovely Loboc River Cruise we stopped at the Baclayon Church as well as the Xzootic Animal Park.

First stop on the way back to the Bohol Bee Farm was the Xzootic Animal Park.  The picture below is of myself and the python Norio . . . they claimed he was tame.  However we are all pretty sure that all the snakes there were fed way to much and then drugged so they would not move or try and hurt any of the tourists/visitors.  They honestly looked like stuffed snakes and felt kind of weird too.  The people there really wanted us to touch the poor python.  And yes in the photo I do look very happy but it was kind of sad when you started to think about the poor creature.  So the Xzootic Animal Park was interesting to see a couple snakes or lizards but in the scheme of things I don’t believe it is somewhere you should be going to spend your money.  I don’t believe that any animal (even if it is an evil snake) should be  locked up in a cage that is much to small for it to be in.  All creatures small and large were born to roam free and such and I believe that animal sanctuaries like the Tasier one we went to can be a very good thing.  Even some zoos can be decent for animals such as the Australia Zoo or possibly even Animal Kingdom as the animals have much much more space and they are in a natural environment with lots of lush green and natural living areas.  Oh dear!  Sorry for the little rant but I do much love animals (not really snakes and lizards and such but still) and I think they should be treated better  and definitely not drugged as I am sure these ones were! So if you tour Bohol I would not go to this thing but check out something different or go zip lining at Loboc River (like I wish I would have)!!

So lastly we made a stop at Baclayon Church which may also be called Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  The church is located in the town of Baclayon.  It is the olderst church in Bohol and the 2nd oldest in the Philippines!  It is over 400 years old as it began construction in 1717 and was completed in 1727.  The one very interesting thing I found about this church was that it was made of coral obtained for the sea that were cut into square blocks and then piled on top of each other and cemented by millions of egg whites!  It was quite a beautiful church and we were even able to go up in the museum which was the old convent in the church and see all the old furniture and some paintings and many other things!  We have seen so many churches here but for some reason we still enjoy going to more and more!! 🙂

Myself with Norio the ‘tamed’ python

Baclayon Church

All of us girls at the Baclayon Church 

So with that it completes our trip of Cebu and Bohol!  We left the next morning bright and early (9:30; which is actually late considering our usual routine!) on the boat and then straight to the airport to head to Manila for anther two weeks of community duty.  It was a great time away just the five of us with no one wondering where we were or anything like that!  Complete freedom!  Everything from the food, tours, drinks, spa services, showers, and the rooms was awesome!!  A weekend to remember in the beautiful Cebu and Bohol that is for sure!!

Magandang Gabi!


7 thoughts on “Cebu and Bohol Continued

  1. Hey there! Did you have a tour guide with you? At Baclayon church, there is a wall there with a portrait of a man. He was apparently one of the priests back then.

    Church Bell Tower

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