Last Half of Community

The last two weeks of community duty (practicum) were spent in Antipolo City where we were grouped with five UERM nursing students. We stayed at a retreat house for the two weeks and it was a very nice area however we were up in the mountains so had no where to go in the evenings. Therefore most nights were spent in a cramped room; the only room where we could get Internet connection. We were pretty boring people for those two weeks I must admit 🙂
The first week we were there the other group (the group of four also from Canada who are doing only their community clinical here) was still there so it was really nice being able to catch up  and hang out with them!  One night we had Shawn lead us in a mini work out (he liked to call it a warm up) and we did some dancing and he also taught us a karate routine. It was a really awesome evening all together and best part … Spent away from the cramped, hot, little room!
So that first week we spent time doing an assessment of a baranguy we were given and decided on what was the area they needed the most health education in. For our baranguy we chose to do teaching on Hypertension as almost every family we interviewed someone was suffering from hypertension or their blood pressure readings were high during our interviews. So that was about what we did on the first week and then we spent Saturday in Manila and did some walking around the mall Robinsons and had a nice supper with Sue (our clinical faculty resource person from the U of S) and then debriefed about our first three weeks in the Philippines.  It was nice for all of us to be able to talk to each other in person and discuss our challenges as well as everything we have loved.  After that on Sunday we headed back to the Retreat house (while the other 4 flew to Iloilo for their last week in the Philippines!)

So the last week of community was UERMs sports fest week so we spent a few days hanging out at it and watching the festivities as well as planning our teaching session on hypertension while there. So Monday and Tuesday were spent there.  So on Wednesday we had a jam packed day!! We started the morning off by buying food for our teaching session at the market then headed over to a rural health clinic.  Sharaya and I went to the one called the Broadway clinic and this is where we did immunizations on children till about noon that day. It was a good place to do it and Sharaya and I were able to tag team it for the first bit and it felt really comfortable and smooth when we did that!!  A good experience for sure!  And then the afternoon was our teaching session on hypertension which also went over very well and I think the people were able to learn a little bit about how to prevent hypertension or how to maintain it!  The next day was Thursday!  So in the morning we headed to the Broadway clinic again and did prenatal assessments.  There were all five of us plus our Filippino instructor Mam.Joy so the room was pretty crowded and we each got only a few times of practicing.  However it was still a helpful experience. And that was the completion of our Community Nursing Practicum.

There we had –  it four weeks in the Philippines Community!  It was an amazing four weeks however I think we are all very excited to move on from it and get into the hospitals here!  We start off with a week of hospital at UERM Medical Center and then the last three weeks back in Iloilo at St.Paul Hospital!  Sharaya and myself are both in the OR for the week in UERM and are looking forward to what we will be able to do while there and all the different things we will be abel to learn!!  The Nursing journey is half over now and it is very had to believe that!  It is to early for me to get sad about having to leave everyone but must stay excited about all the fun that there still is in store for us!!  So now on to the next stage of this incredible journey!!

Now for the pictures of the last two community weeks 🙂

We spent our first Wednesday morning in the community at a Geriatric Center where geriatric clients can come and have activities and food in the morning!  It was such an amazing time!! We all loved it so much!!
Here is a picture of the UERM students who were there and us Canadian students playing a game called HipHipHorray.  It was really fun and challenging too!!  🙂  I’ll try and post a video later so you can get an idea of what the game is as I am not sure I can explain it well enough for you to understand! 

We drove a lot to get places . . . and it made us all very sleepy!

Planning with the UERM students our hypertension health teaching

Our barangay

Elaine in our chosen barangay – we spent a bit of time one morning handing out invitations to our Hypertension and You program.

Sharaya, Leah and myself hanging out at sports fest!  Can you feel the love!?

Just doing some hypertension teaching.  Sharaya is really into the crocs bag 😉

The whole group – The Canadian students, UERM students and the Hypertension and You participants!

Fountain at St.Michaels Retreat House

Leaving Antipolo City – We were able to stop and take a few photos looking out onto Manila – it was so amazing driving down the mountain and seeing views like that everyday!  We will all surely miss it!

Magandang Gabi Po!


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