Operating WHAT!?

Sharaya and I have been in the operating room at the University of East Ramon Magsayay Memorial Medical Center Institute (UERMMMCI) for the past week. It has been an interesting week with lots of new and different experiences. Our week didn’t start off nice though as on our first day we saw the prep for a surgery around 11:30 am and that was all. . . So imagine how not exciting it would be being stuck in an OR (a one you have never stepped into before) getting a quick tour and then told to sit in the recovery room area to wait till there was something to do. This waiting lasted about four hours. Pretty boring right!? Right! So Sharaya and I in our bored state decided to try and review or learn anything by using board exam reviews on our iPods and an old physiology textbook we found. Lets say we learned a lot about random nursing things but nothing about operating room like we were wanting!!

The next four days we had turned out to be much better!! By the end of the week we knew the names of all the instruments in the major set as well as a few extra instruments that were used along the way!!
We were both able to scrub into a few operations and do the circulating part a couple times as well. Some scrubs turned out to be better than others as you could actually hear the surgeon and see what they were doing. With that we were able to hand over a couple instruments and better assist the first scrub nurse.  But dang is it hard to hear sometimes especially seeing as their is also a language barrier or sometimes language is easily misunderstood!  So yup it made it difficult but was still an amazing experience and good intro into the operating room.

Now the Operating Room there kind of reminded us of well a really old horror movie hospital or like old psych instution if it were left unattended say at night!  So we took a couple pictures and yup it was interesting!

The largest Operating Room out of three! 

The scrub in area . . . I may have added a filter to this one 🙂

Oh dear and the one morning we went there a few of the staff were sleeping as it had been a busy night and they were napping before the surgerys for the day were to all begin.  So someone was sleeping on a bed in the hallway and had the blanket over their head. I immediately thought that someone had died and they left them there while Sharaya just thought it was someone asleep so just didn’t mention it and I didn’t want to freak her out by saying something so also left it.  Anyways later that evening we were talking about and realized what we both thought and well we had a good chuckle about it.  Okay bad story probably but it was funny for us ha!!

Anyways we felt pretty good about our experiences we had a couple troubling days where we didn’t exactly agree with the care the patient was given as it did not promote dignity to the patient and sometimes seemed a bit uncaring even.  I think we noticed more of those things when the patient was not a pay patient but rather a service patient (charity patient).  Now this is for sure not any reason to treat a patient different; based on whether or not they are wealthy enough to be paying for their health care or not!  To pay for health care here is very expensive!  So therefore I am very appreciated of the health care we have as if it were a system where I had to pay I would be very stressed about getting sick and the bill that would be following it!

Anyways enough rambling.  Maybe in a blog to come I can talk a bit on the health care system or you can always just check out our school blog which is more academic than this – and well my blog can stay more personal and just the fun information 🙂  If you have preferences let a girl know 🙂

Just some of the room costs . . . now just divide the price they have by 40 and that would be the price in Canadian dollars!

And again 🙂


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