Lets call this 100

100 posts down

So celebration is needed right about NOW!!
I have hit my 100 mark of blog posts . . . crazy as!!
This one is actually the 102nd post as I missed this huge event and did not post a special post on the 100th post !!  So here it is . . .

Now I am not sure what to post in this celebratory blog but I guess I will use my own discretion and try to maybe post things from some of my favorite posts of the past and maybe some extra pictures or videos or that sort of jazz that I enjoy and love! ❤

So hopefully what is to come will not be to boring but enjoyable 🙂

Video That Makes Me Smile

First up a vide0 – this is episode one of like three and other people have made similar ones but I think this is one of the best.  It is so accurate that it makes the video even funnier.  So we watch it often here in the Philippines and we saw some of this stuff way to much.  And now we say ‘twinsies’ just because of this video.  It is the greatest! Enjoy (that is if you already haven’t which means you are way out to date if you have not) 🙂

Song That I Enjoy

The song I still badly desire to learn to rap . . .

Fish I Miss

So old stuff.  My post on Squishy Artimus . . .

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy.

– Dori

Now my Squishy died at a young age (possibly old though – i am still convinced he was an elderly fish) and I miss him dearly as he was my first city pet.  So now as I go back to Canada in like three weeks I was just talking about him today to Sharaya as I am getting a new fish for a welcome home gift!!  So he shall be my Artimus Squishy the Second!  I am excited for this time and I hope that he will live longer and I can also teach him tricks like the First Artium Squishy was able to learn.  In a few weeks I will be able to start a great new fish friendship 🙂

Random Photos I Enjoy

The cookies I made while studying finals . . . I really didn’t like that class plus I love decorating sugar cookies!

Me and my “little brother” at his graduation!  ❤

Butterbeer – the greatest drink in the world! ❤

Girls night (ahem) . . .

I miss these people and this is my favourite photo still of us!  Except sadly Chad is missing from it 😦

I miss my puppy but I am excited to get a new one when I get back to the farm this March 🙂

Jack the pumpkin – he was made into delicious pie. 

Okay so my creative juices basically stopped flowing when I started this post so this may not be that exciting ha. But I threw up a few things that I enjoy so I hope you do as well!!  Next up will be more on my lovely Philippine adventure that sadly only has a week left 😦  But I will be sure to make the best out of it and try and do as much as I possibly can here in Iloilo City!!

Love ❤


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