Roxas And Boracay: Part One

This last weekend we went to Roxas and Borocay with some of our amazing SPUI students and a couple of the SPU CI’s (clinical instructors).  We left on Friday afternoon right after our duty in MICU – all 16 of us stuffed into a van!  Then we were off on a long van ride of about three hours to Roxas where we stopped at a resort for dinner. We toured the resort a bit and then had dinner.  With well the most amazing cake ever!!  Uh ya it was spectacular!!  Many of us even got pictures with the cake . . . and you know you love the cake when you get a picture with it!! So after that we took a drive around Roxas!  We took a stop at Peoples Park and saw the water and even got to pet the cutest little puppy ever named Sofie.  So a few of us got to ride in the back of the truck and it was quite fun I must say!  It was very refreshing to ride with the lovely air and everything and being able to look up at all the stars!  So that night we stayed at Honies house which is the most beautiful!!  When we got to the house we relaxed in their backyard area for a bit with some snacks and wine!  I kind of think I miss relaxing with wine every once in a while so it was nice! And afterwards we had a lovely room to sleep in and the bed was so very very comfortable!!  So day one was a success!!

Day two also turned out to be a success minus the fact that we had to be up at 4:30am!!  And yes you heard me right . . . 4:30am!!  Took me back to the horror of getting up that early in UERM for duty!  Now Honies dad owns a fish farm so just like my dad grows and harvests crops her dad pretty much grows and harvests fish, shrimps and crabs.  So at 4:30 in the morning we got up and headed out once again in the back of a big truck to the fish harvesting!  We soon realized that it was worth getting up that early to experience the harvest!  The harvest only happens every four months so we were excited that we happened to be there perfectly timed!  It is hard to describe how amazing it actually was but lets say there were tons of fish and they were being like thrown into the ice water and it was kind of well organized chaos almost – super interesting!! We were also able to watch the beautiful Philippine sunset, eat the most amazing breakfast (which included lechon!) and watch some sexy fisherman!! A very good morning I would say!! So once we were all finished we trekked back on the fish paddies to get to the truck which took us back to Honies house!  Here we just packed all up and waited for the van to come and get us to take us to Boracay!

Beautiful flowers an Honies

Roxas Resort

The little horror thing at the Roxas resort we went to!

The puppy Sofie!

The back of the truck 🙂

All of us at Honies house – Night Number One


Fish Mouth

So many fishes


Love ❤

Now stay tuned for the rest of the weekend – BORA BORA


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