Orientation complete.

Today was the final day of community orientation here at St.Paul University, Iloilo City. We had two very full but rewarding days!! We learned about an amazing tool for assessing children in the developing world; IMCI. You can read more about this and what we believe about it in my and my other classes blog: philippinetrip2012.wordpress.com.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Januaiy; which is a community about an hour from our university in Iloilo! When we are there we will be in the RHU (rural health unit) as well as out walking in the community! It will definitely be different from anything any of us have experienced and I hope to have amazing stories to share with you all!! We head out bright and early tomorrow and will be heading to RHU to give immunizations to children!! Something we are all looking forward too!!

Anyways, this weekend I will have much more to share with you I hope and will hopefully be able to add some pictures too!! Until there goodnight!! 🙂


viva las vegas baby

Okay so sadly not actually las vegas but a very small version of vegas in my house . . .

So as I turned 21 this past November and could not make my way to Las Vegas for it my sister and I decided to bring Vegas to us!  So we set off on a very tiring and busy and lets just say a tad stressful misson of turing our house into a Vegas party!  After the numerous hours we put in and on our tight budget I think we put together a pretty well decorated house.  Have a look yourself . . .

My amazing dice birthday cake was made by my lovely sister as well as the mini cupcakes!!  I made the cookies and decorated it all with 21’s or what not!!  Anyways it was very fun and I think my sister and I did a lovely job of decorating for a party . . . maybe we went into the wrong profession 🙂

So it was a pretty fun party however I still don’t feel like I am 21!! So maybe once I get to actually go somewhere like Vegas it will hit me!! Anyways hope you enjoyed!!  🙂



So i am for sure failing on this whole blogging thing lately!!  And who is to say I will just continue on this horrible path of missing months of posting and such!  But I am going to try and get back on track for a while at least!! So lets see how this goes . . . again!!

So as it has been a whole semester pretty much since my last post (and yes I do tell time in semesters!) I have a ton I could talk about!  For one how I am done school pretty much!  I never have to attend another school lecture again (unless I actually attend grad school like I plan) and how I am preparing for my possible last finals I ever have to write.  It is kind of crazy thinking how fast time has actually gone.  I have been counting down the time to when I can leave Saskatoon for a few years now and now that the time is here it kind of scares me!  Where should I go!!??  What should I do!!?? Anyways . . . as a lot has happened I am thinking I can go through awesome events in my life or whatever and try to do like a post a week or maybe every few days as I will be leaving the country soon and then that will open up a whole new area of blogging!! 🙂

Okay so in the spirit of talking about school I will go with a posting some pictures of Welcome Week at the U of S and then some of a lovely Uni Party me and a couple lovely people attended 🙂

Bernie and I enjoying some sunshine 🙂 

This is what we sat beside . . . we thought this was a clever picture.

The group . . . Plus a couple random people who jumped on in on it!

The most amazing girls ever caught on film dancing it up! 

Anyways this was a really Lame come back but whatever I am super sleepy and this is about as good as what comes from a tired Brooke who should truly be studying or doing something of that sort!!
Instead I shall try to rejoin this awesome world of blogging!!  So until next time (which will hopefully be tomorrow) enjoy yourself!! 🙂

Peace and Love 🙂

what has been missed.

So like I said umm threeish posts ago was how much I have failed at posting posts recently. Then I was all gungho (or however that fun word would be spelled) about being on my ‘A’ game and posting a bunch consistently!  Well that failed so here we go again.  Lets see what happens this time!!  So as I missed about half of the summer I have decided to just post the best pictures and maybe throw in a story or two in this one lovely post.  Hopefully you make it past the first picture and can actually enjoy what I put and then share it with your lovely lovely friends 🙂  I would like that!! 🙂


So we shall start with the one and only weekend I went home for the summer – now this is sad and rare for me as I love the farm in the summer!  So I have a couple of pictures I can put up from it!! Side note – I am luckily home as I type so I am a happy camper 🙂

This is my puppy Indy . .. not much of a puppy anymore but I love her to bits and pieces! ❤


Just being a crazy monsta

I saw this man who was dressed like you would imagine Jesus to be with his hair was longish, a burlap type dress thing and some jesus time sandles – oddly enough this was on the day that was ‘the rapture’

Animal print pants out control


I wanted to hit up the sandbar, umm ALL SUMMER and finally got there.  I went twice because I am a rock star and here is a photo from the amazing +30 day 🙂


These girls are pretty much EPIC.  We have some pretty awesome times when we get together. Crazy times really!  (Hint. check out one of my first ever posts) Anyways we rarely see each other but luckily this summer we saw each other WAY more than usually which made life so much better 🙂

So that is just a taste of the summer. May look pretty chill but it was a riot!  A good summer and a warm one!  I even was blessed to have a job I enjoy and am still at through school while I can!!  I may not have been able to go home near as much as I wanted but I had some epic times with friends and two amazing times at the lake 🙂

Now posts to come:  Some wicked videos and photos from a couple of concerts I hit up just in the near past.  And ya I am not totally sure what else but I am sure I can find some hopefully humorous things or whatever.  Let me know if there is anything you want to see from me or anything you want less of!!

Umm yup.  Adios!

Sturgeon x 2

Summer 2011

Sturgeon Lake x 2

First time July Long weekend – pretty chill weekend  and mighty hot! 🙂

August Long Weekend – Things got a bit more out of control

The weekend was filled with well boating, swimming, rescuing ourselves from a broken down boat (which now is finally becoming funny), MARSHMALLOWS!, dancing, oh and many many more things 🙂

So I shall show you in photo 🙂

The weekend was a tad cold – silly wind.

My favorite thing is marshmallows – and smores comes along with that.

Might as well go for a midnight swim!

This is just one of the about 20 we took at that time! Photo crazy!

This one is pretty much self-explanatory.

Anyways that is the basic pile of what happened on the trip to the lake!! It was pretty much a blast and much needed!! Awesome times with awesome people what could be much better than that!!

Well anyways I really don’t feel like typing so hola!!


Okay so I live in a pretty amazing city.  The longer I live here the more and more I learn and like discover within the city.  Interesting events, unique places to eat and lounge, and just like cool different sites and sounds.  Anyways now that I have said that I found this cool like film-crew group thang. They do some sick media capturing within the city at different events, parties, festivals and such.  Okay so besides that they have a sweet as show that they call Babewatch . . .  Yup you heard me babewatch!  Anyways it is pretty awesome and well episode one is out and about for the people to watch so well lets not keep you waiting for it.

Okay well I hope you enjoyed that . . . if you did not well then I don’t know what is wrong with you as it is pretty awesome I guess. Anyways I shall share the website with you and like their twitter username thing or whatever you call that . . . and just to add to their social media they are also rocking facebook.




Anyways go check them out . . . as they put it they are ‘here to show the culture—not all that other boring stuff’.  Which is exactly what we need!


Harry. Wait for it. POTTER.

Harry Potter.

If you know umm ANYTHING about me you probably know that I am absolutely like in love with the Harry Potter books and the movies . . . and well anything to do with it.

So this love that grew so beautifully started when I took on the mission of reading the books at Christmas.  This was accomplished and then the movies were watched.  I was sure to finish all the books and have watched up on all the movies before the final one came out!  Deathly Hallows Part Two!!!  So honestly my excitement for this movie was a bit out of hand and ya well anyways my lovely sister and I went to the movie in the BRAND spanking NEW theatre!!  (It was 3D which I was not looking forward to very much as sometimes they suck but it was done very well) Anyways the movie was pure genius!!  So here is a picture of Andrea and I at the much awaited show!! EXCITEMENT!!

“It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”
Albus Dumbledore

Now after the last movie came out and I would like rant about my love (obsession – let us not kid ourselves on this) for the series I found out that a bunch of my friends had never seen all the movies!!!
So Mission – force them to have a Harry Potter Marthon – and one that is done right.
So Plan – make butter beer, make popcorn, turn up the ac, get some comfy blankets and all the movies.
Well the night was planned the essentials were made and some movies were rented – turns out we got carried away and never actually watched the movies but let me tell you!!! THE BUTTER BEER!!! AMAZING!!!  If you ever need a refreashing drink and want the GREATEST thing ever to touch your lips –  get a butter beer!! Now ours was not as good as the stuff you get in Hogsmede (Universal Studios) but it was mighty good!!
So photos . . .
p.s Andrea and I ended up have a mini marathon all on our own the next week 🙂

“Wands are only as powerful as the wizards who use them. Some wizards just like to boast that theirs are bigger and better than other people’s.”
Hermione Granger  

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
Albus Dumbledore  

Well now you know that Harry Potter is for the win. And you should now go read it or watch it. Yup. My advice to you is to do that. And then travel on down to Orlando Florida and hit up the Harry Potter section of Universal studios!! Mind = Blown

Cherrio Darling!!