Art + Music = Love

March 7th, 2012 

Art and music are two of the most lovely things and they often come together as well music is a form of art 🙂
But today we kind of went for two different routes of it.

The Singapore Art Museum and then going to a metal concert. A great combination of art and music for a Wednesday!

Pictures of SAM to come.
Now Showing:  Underoath Photography

Now it was hard to get any good ones so bear with us 🙂

mmm yes

The hair. 

Holla!  The venue afterwards.



Universal Studios

March 6th, 2012

The start of the video is just a little intro into where we are in the world and how we got there.
I apologize for the blog kind of hopping around from Philippines to Singapore and to Flying.  And I apologize because once I am done with Singapore I will probably jump back to the Philippines 🙂

We loved Universal Studios and had a lot of fun seeing shows and going on rides – even if they were kids rides!!  We saw some cool characters and ate some great food (with some not so great food . . . lunch at the Jurassic Food court was not that appetizing!).  It is good to go to but no need to go to for two days so don’t buy a two day ticket!  Also going on a week day is great because you can get stuff done so much faster and go on rides more than once if you love it!!

Now here is for some pictures 🙂

Candy bar . . . I so love chocolate! 

M and M’s are like way funny! 

Planning the action of the day! 

Transformers . . . Who wants to head back to Singapore for the TRANSFORMERS CONVENTION!? 

Whoa . . . my feet are small compared to this giant statue! 

Our amazing snack that evening after we had bento boxes at some random place in the basement of Central (mall thing) . . . buy two bento boxes get 6 of these amazing dutch pancakes free!! 🙂 

That is about all for that day – so that is our March 6th in a nutshell and a video!  I hope you enjoyed and be prepared as there are more about to come your way 🙂

Shop till you Drop

March 5th, 2012

Let me just add – Saskatoon has a lot more awesome shopping than I mentioned than in the video.  Being away so long made me forget some of the most amazing stores Saskatoon has.  Such as Sephora, Luna and Hill, Swank, Frakas, Tonic, American Apparel  and many others 🙂 And I do love Saskatoon shopping . . . But Asia has some on us that is for sure!

Starbucks for muffin and coffee in the morning 🙂

Forever 21 🙂

Heading back to the Ruck Sack 2 – this is probably where being lost started! 

Singapore Zoo

March 4th, 2012

The zoo was the most lovely experience and here Sharaya and I share with you some of our experiences at the zoo 🙂

Next here are some photos that we took throughout the day 🙂

Sharaya and I at Zoo Entrance with some birds!

Riding a turtle . . . the real ones that are like this big are gross . . . I like littler turtles! 

The little turtles.  I may look worried as I did not want to drop my phone into the turtle water and my sunglasses almost fell right off into it as well!

The giraffe! 

Giraffe again!! 

❤ wild creatures . . . they are treasures 🙂 

Frightening. Very very frightening. 

Vlog + Blog = Philippines to Singapore

On Saturday March 3rd we began our journey from the Philippines to Singapore.  This is the moment that ended our nursing school careers for now at least (until we move to Singapore to take our masters)!! We were so excited to be done with school and move onto the fun vacation part of our trip away from home.  We woke up very early (lets just take note that we maybe had two hours of sleep the night before as we went out with all our amazing Filipino students); like 4am and got our bags together and headed off to the airport.  So we got there got in line to check in and then when we got there weighted our bags.  Mine was a tad over so I took out a pair of shoes and sent my suitcase off.  Then suddenly they were all like ‘oh and we must weigh your carry ons as it has to be under 7 kgs’.  At this point I was like for serious – as I stuffed so much into my carry on so I would not have to pay weight on my suitcase!  So carry on weighted in at about 2 kgs less than my large suitcase.  They are like it must be less!!  So at this point Sharaya and I were both like serious you send away our luggage and now tell us our bags are to much so we should probably check the carry ons too . . . umm no thank you!!!  So I start taking stuff out of my carryon to make it weight less and holding it as that was apparently okay.  Both of us visibly unimpressed and being very short with the people they let us walk away with half our belongings in hand and our carry ons rolling on behind us! Silly as it is the exact same weights whether we are carrying it or have it in our bags.  Silly silly.  Anyways we were tired and that did not help us one bit – so therefore we became annoyed!!  Ugh silly airlines and their silly rules 🙂

So anyways after that we went on to Manila – and lets just say that is the most unorganized international airport I have ever been to but nevertheless we made it through and onto our Jetstar Asia Flight to SINGAPORE.

Here is a quick vlog on our first day!!  We loved it hah and may have been tired but still were sure to enjoy the day 🙂

Symphony 🙂

Did someone say Vlog?

I am very behind with posting about the Philippines and my trip here to Singapore!  The school semester and vacation are coming to a close tomorrow as I get on the plane to fly back home tomorrow.  So now I will get busy with both some blogging and vlogging about both the Philippines as well as Singapore here.  So here is the introduction! 🙂

I may work backwards doing Singapore first and then the Philippines 🙂

Roxas And Boracay: Part One

This last weekend we went to Roxas and Borocay with some of our amazing SPUI students and a couple of the SPU CI’s (clinical instructors).  We left on Friday afternoon right after our duty in MICU – all 16 of us stuffed into a van!  Then we were off on a long van ride of about three hours to Roxas where we stopped at a resort for dinner. We toured the resort a bit and then had dinner.  With well the most amazing cake ever!!  Uh ya it was spectacular!!  Many of us even got pictures with the cake . . . and you know you love the cake when you get a picture with it!! So after that we took a drive around Roxas!  We took a stop at Peoples Park and saw the water and even got to pet the cutest little puppy ever named Sofie.  So a few of us got to ride in the back of the truck and it was quite fun I must say!  It was very refreshing to ride with the lovely air and everything and being able to look up at all the stars!  So that night we stayed at Honies house which is the most beautiful!!  When we got to the house we relaxed in their backyard area for a bit with some snacks and wine!  I kind of think I miss relaxing with wine every once in a while so it was nice! And afterwards we had a lovely room to sleep in and the bed was so very very comfortable!!  So day one was a success!!

Day two also turned out to be a success minus the fact that we had to be up at 4:30am!!  And yes you heard me right . . . 4:30am!!  Took me back to the horror of getting up that early in UERM for duty!  Now Honies dad owns a fish farm so just like my dad grows and harvests crops her dad pretty much grows and harvests fish, shrimps and crabs.  So at 4:30 in the morning we got up and headed out once again in the back of a big truck to the fish harvesting!  We soon realized that it was worth getting up that early to experience the harvest!  The harvest only happens every four months so we were excited that we happened to be there perfectly timed!  It is hard to describe how amazing it actually was but lets say there were tons of fish and they were being like thrown into the ice water and it was kind of well organized chaos almost – super interesting!! We were also able to watch the beautiful Philippine sunset, eat the most amazing breakfast (which included lechon!) and watch some sexy fisherman!! A very good morning I would say!! So once we were all finished we trekked back on the fish paddies to get to the truck which took us back to Honies house!  Here we just packed all up and waited for the van to come and get us to take us to Boracay!

Beautiful flowers an Honies

Roxas Resort

The little horror thing at the Roxas resort we went to!

The puppy Sofie!

The back of the truck 🙂

All of us at Honies house – Night Number One


Fish Mouth

So many fishes


Love ❤

Now stay tuned for the rest of the weekend – BORA BORA