Universal Studios

March 6th, 2012

The start of the video is just a little intro into where we are in the world and how we got there.
I apologize for the blog kind of hopping around from Philippines to Singapore and to Flying.  And I apologize because once I am done with Singapore I will probably jump back to the Philippines 🙂

We loved Universal Studios and had a lot of fun seeing shows and going on rides – even if they were kids rides!!  We saw some cool characters and ate some great food (with some not so great food . . . lunch at the Jurassic Food court was not that appetizing!).  It is good to go to but no need to go to for two days so don’t buy a two day ticket!  Also going on a week day is great because you can get stuff done so much faster and go on rides more than once if you love it!!

Now here is for some pictures 🙂

Candy bar . . . I so love chocolate! 

M and M’s are like way funny! 

Planning the action of the day! 

Transformers . . . Who wants to head back to Singapore for the TRANSFORMERS CONVENTION!? 

Whoa . . . my feet are small compared to this giant statue! 

Our amazing snack that evening after we had bento boxes at some random place in the basement of Central (mall thing) . . . buy two bento boxes get 6 of these amazing dutch pancakes free!! 🙂 

That is about all for that day – so that is our March 6th in a nutshell and a video!  I hope you enjoyed and be prepared as there are more about to come your way 🙂