Not a Goodbye Just a See You Later

March 10th, 2012

On the 10th of March, Sharaya and myself rode the MRT and then the Sentosa Express to make our way to the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia.  As it turns out this lovely point we were headed to is off the shore of Palawan Beach so we are now able to say yes when people ask us if went to Palawan Beach.  And yes they may be meaning the well known one in the Philippines but they don’t have to know 🙂  Anyways so we enjoyed our time hanging out by the ocean but it was a very hot day so we didn’t stay to long – just enough to enjoy it and not pass out! Later in the afternoon we had our lovely supper and then went back to our room to get all beautiful!!  Now we planned on going to the Raffles Hotel this evening to get Singapore Slings and relax a bit.  So we jumped on the MRT and got off at Raffles Place assuming that the Raffles Hotel would be near by.  Well it wasn’t!  So we headed to iLight instead for the second night!  One of the highlights of the iLight this evening was getting some dirty ice cream.  This basically means that you buy it off the street, however ours was even more dirty as the man would handle the money and the ice cream without washing his hands at all!  So literally dirty!  So after some walking around and checking out more of the iLight we headed back home and asleep 🙂

The long lovely bridge walk to get the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia! 🙂
On this bridge walk we saw the most lovely speedo too. Sadly no photo of that was taken!

At the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia.
After I got my photo taken it took us about ten minutes to get Sharayas as a family just came right in front of us to play in the water just ignoring the fact that we were trying to take a picture!

Palawan Beach – may not be the Philippines Palawan but lets just say it was pretty nice as well!

These lovely things were our supper that evening.  Now probably not the most healthy but so very very delicious!!  They are dutch pancakes but their real name is Poffertjes – and we got ours with icing sugar and butter.  Yum yum!

Checking in the bag during the iLight.

Dirty icecream – One of the most exciting parts of my evening!

March 11th, 2012

Our last day came way to quickly!  Lucky for us we had done everything we had really wanted to so spent the morning lazily going to get a lunch and took a walk down to the bay.  Once at the bay we were instantly hot (you think we would be use to it by now) so we went into the Starbucks by the bay that is indoors (therefore with aircon!) and got a drink and relaxed inside for a bit!  After a relaxing time in the Starbucks by the bay we walk back to our hostel just in time as it started to rain shortly after!  We hung out in our Hostel for afternoon and did our packing until the rain stopped and we got ready and went for supper.  This evening we decided to walk to the Raffles Hotel as we knew how to do that!  Once there we made our way up to the Long Bar picked a table outside and I order a Singapore Sling and Sharaya some nachos.  Lets just say the Singapore Sling was very well made and I wish I could have tasted a few of the other ones they had (there were different flavours such as tropical, spring, winter,courtyard etc.).  Once we were done enjoying ourselves there we walked down to the Esplanade where we listened to some music, Tricia Garcia from the Philippines, at Mosaic Festival. Throughout the show it was sprinkling yet very lovely.  The show ended around 10pm and Sharaya and I made our way back to our hostel as we had a very early morning and day ahead of us!

Merlion at Marina Bay in the day light!

Singapore Sling at the Long Bar!

The Long Bar

Singapore Marina Bay on a beautiful March evening!

I love this city – last night is sad 😦

March 12th, 2012

We headed out from the Hostel at 7:30 am and to the beautiful Singapore airport (Changai Airport) where we hung out until we had our three hour flight to Hong Kong.  Then Hong Kong to Vancouver and Vancouver to Saskatoon.  We spent over 24 hours traveling and finally we made it to the chilly Saskatoon at about 10:30pm on the 12th.  And with that our Journey to the Philippines and Singapore was over.  We saw and did so much and learned just as much and it is definitely a trip to remember!!
As I never finished the times in the Philippines I’ll be sure to do that all in the next few blogs 🙂

On Top Of The World!

Happy to be heading home on the plane but . . .

Sad to be leaving Asia till who knows when!

Last meal in Asia . . . I have come to LOVE rice!!

Goodbye ASIA – We Love You!!