Would you Hop On or Hop Off?

March 8th, 2012 

I dont believe I have to much to add to this other than what was said on the video.  It was a very full day of seeing a lot of things and we are really happy that we did the on off bus instead of walking or taking the MRT everywhere.  With the on off you learned a lot about the city of Singapore and also got to see a lot more by sitting up top the topless bus. Such as how hard and expensive it would be to drive/own a car in Singapore.  As well about the orchards which we touch on in the video.  Also how expensive living would be in Singapore.  So basically if you have caught on it is expensive in Singapore . . . it would be a beautiful city to live in but you would need to have a well paying job in order to live very comfortably in the city.  But I mean it is beautiful so it could be very well worth it!! 🙂

and to end it off here is a market in Little India!